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Ways to change up the holidays

by shamiha

Do you want to make the holidays more festive? How about adding some new activities to your holiday celebrations? Think about how you can put a new spin on how you celebrate with your family and friends. These ideas are great for kids and adults. Moreover, you can mix these ideas with some of your favorite cherished traditions.


Go Outside and Enjoy the Scenery

Whatever the weather, make the most of the holiday. If it is cold and snowing outside, get outdoors and enjoy the picturesque scenery. Make a snowman with your kids. Socialize with your neighbors. Give them bags filled with your favorite holiday treats.


Organize a Holiday Baking Competition

A friendly baking competition will make the holiday merrier for everyone. Try new recipes with your favorite ingredients. Each person should vote for their favorite dessert. The winner gets a gift card to a popular restaurant.


Secret Santa Service

Instead of fretting about giving the perfect gift, use a secret Santa service. Gift giving is a fun experience when you let someone else handle everything for you. Your guests can add what they want to a wish list, and you do not have to worry about choosing your spouse.


Make Holiday Crafts

Creating holiday crafts can be a new tradition for your family. Your family can choose a theme for each holiday. Adorn your windows with paper snowflakes. Give your friends and family personalized holiday cards.


Bring the Party Outside

Let everyone get some fresh air. Wear your ugly sweater in your backyard. Your guests can play outdoor party games, and you can make sure that everyone has hot chocolate.


Organize a Candy Cane Hunt

Hide candy canes in your neighborhood. Dress in holiday costumes. You can be Santa. Your neighbors can be the elves. Your kids will think they are at the North Pole. You can also bring a sleigh to the party. Fill a large cloth bag with small gifts.


Go for a Hike

A morning hike is a nice way to celebrate the holiday before the day is noisy. Go for a walk in the woods with your friends. You can talk about your goals for the next year while the campfire keeps you warm.


A Holiday Gift Basket

Think about the people who make you smile every day. Consider giving a small gift to your favorite barista. A holiday gift basket will make anyone smile.


Have a Gift Wrapping Party

Everyone can bring gift wrap and bows. You can share stories with your guests, and you will get a sneak peek at the gifts. You will not have to worry about running out of something you need when you have a lot of guests.


Let go of the stress that comes with being overwhelmed during the holidays. Use this list to help you stay calm while you plan your celebrations. Start planning your perfect holiday celebration today.


Ways to change up the holidaysWays to change up the holidays

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